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Educational Technology is a supplemental part of education. It diversifies the learning environment and enhances the overall approach to learning in the classroom. My representation of this definition is to show that school is a system of parts that all work together to create a platform for children to learn on. I utilized the symbol of a tree to give a visual of how Educational Technology is defined. A tree has several parts and each part to a tree is essential to the trees growth and duty within our environment. Educational Technology functions in the same way and each functional part needs the other for proper growth and overall success.

I really enjoyed this project because it helped me to break down the definition and to really gain an understanding of what Educational Technology means and how it is an essential part to today’s education. It allowed me the opportunity to view what education would look like without the component of a digital classroom. This encourages me to continue educating myself within the field of educational technology where we can work to fully enhance the learning of our students and create a diverse learning environment to reach out to all styles of learning.

edtech 501 graphic


Alternative Assignment — School Evaluation Summary

I really enjoyed this assignment and tried to get creative with the topic I chose. I’m not a school teacher, but I’m passionate about the field of education and intrigued by the development of the classroom over the past several centuries. In my slideshow, I created a view of the classroom setting when universal education first began to where we are now and I even added a little glance into the future of where many would like to see education go. I researched the 21st century classroom and looked at websites such as Psychology Today and Education Evolving, to gain perspective about what kind of changes have occurred and are those changes positive to our students. I’ve concluded that education is moving with the new technology of our world today. In the beginning, before universal education took place children were able to freely explore and play as their means for education. As time moved by, kids began working in the fields and factories where play became less and work became the means of education. The idea of educating kids in a classroom came about because the idea was that if we educated our children they would be more productive workers. Children going to school became their daily job and school was a teacher lecture based curriculum. Again, there wasn’t much time for play and if a student acted out there was serious consequences for those behaviors.

Through my research I see education moving back to focus on students and their needs to “play.” This is a positive advancement within our educational system because students need to explore and experience to be able to learn and retain. Adding technology into the classroom is giving students the opportunity to “play” and learn in a different way that is more innovative and productive to today’s student. It’s not just about advancing the classroom because we have the technology available; its about the student and having the ability to diversify the learning environment. We can center education around each students needs, which can give a successful education experience to all students. Educational Technology is a positive and novel idea to incorporate into our educational system to advance learning, create diversity, allow peer collaboration, and to allow children to “play” again.

Slideshow 21st Century Classroom


Tech Trends – Blended Learning

In my presentation, I was showing the positive effects of blended learning. It’s important to understand that our world has gone digital and this technology our children are using everyday. As educators we have the opportunity to advance the creativity of our students and create the ability to teach to all learning styles within one classroom. The blended learning model allows us to do just that.

In my opinion, if we took technology and flooded our classrooms, it would over power the asset of having a teacher who gives the classroom setting the face to face reassurance children need to gain confidence within their education. I think blended learning gives children the best of both worlds and the concept is proving to be successful.

Tech Trends: Blended Learning

Annotated Bibliography

I have previously completed an annotated bibliography, but it wasn’t as detailed and I learned much more from the detailed information of the APA format. I have struggled with APA formatting since the beginning of my college career. I came back to college and when I left high school back in the 90’s APA, MLA it didn’t exist or at least it wasn’t taught!! Therefore after coming back to a university setting and completing my first paper, you can imagine my surprise to be told I didn’t use APA format. I was like, “what is that?”  I can say I have improved on my formatting skills, but there are times I just can’t wrap my head around the little things that just don’t make sense to me.

I found great information on my subject of blogging in the classroom and I’m definitely convinced that it is an asset to utilize in any subject classroom. If nothing else it helps the students be engaged and enthusiastic about learning!

Below is the link to my annotated bibliography!

Annotated Bibliography

RSS in Education

This assignment gives educators the opportunity to adapt great lessons within their classroom. It makes me excited to see this new technology being taught where it can become part of learning for the students. I’ve been struggling for awhile with the schools in my district about adapting to all learning styles because my son is a hands-on learner, and by the teachers adding some of this amazing technology into the classroom he would soar!

I didn’t find this assignment particularly difficult, but I’m not aware of the educational vocabulary where I had to research some of that before getting started to make sure I knew what I was doing. This would be an assignment I would test out on a classroom because there are so many elements involved. An interactive spreadsheet to learn the material as an individual, collaborative work to enforce the material and then a double enforcer by each group presenting their findings. I think this style of assignment would be valuable to a high school Sociology classroom.

I really enjoy using Feedly and find it an asset in so many ways and for so many different venues.

RSS in Education Lesson Plan

Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

This assignment has helped me to understand the professional code of ethics we need to uphold for the value of our profession. We have a commitment to our students, as well as to society and our profession. The guidelines within these categories give us boundaries to ensure we are conducting ourselves for the sake of the educational system.

Reflecting on my research and my choice of topic, it is a struggle with the digital divide among lower income schools. The frustration is upheld by educators, students, and families not having the resources to provide technology that students are needing at home. This causes issues, and with what I’ve learned we are pushing the professional ethics with our expectations for student’s responsibility with their education.

All in all, having the opportunity to have a set of guidelines allows us to reflect on them to improve on the educational system for our students. We can see the boundary that is being pushed and help to resolve and strengthen the situation for all parties involved. I’m intrigued to learn about the educational system and how technology is playing a positive role in the education of our world. It’s bigger than anything imaginable, and it will be exciting to see the continued advancements as we progress farther with technology.

Tech Time

RSS in Education

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