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Digital Divide/ Digital Inequality


I’ve never used haiku deck before, but I found it to be very simplified and nothing fancy. I think it helps you to organize your thought process and get the presentation right down to the point. This assignment helped me to understand the difference between the digital divide and digital inequality, and who is being affected. Technology is rapidly growing and there are so many people benefiting from its growth because they have the ability to access those benefits. I truly understand how the digital divide’s gap is closing with more ability to have access in many different locations, but it is increasing the digital inequality among our society. As time goes on, I see that the expectations for technology to be required of our students is going to be so high that the pressure to provide technology access at home will be highly needed to determine your child’s success in school. With this new understanding, as I grow into the field of education I will think about what’s going on outside the school walls to be able to create a curriculum that is ethically fair to reach for all students. If I had more time I would put more detailed information on this topic because there is so much excellent information to sift through and I find it interesting to learn about our societies growth with technology and how it is dividing our human race.

Digital Divide


RSS in Education

This assignment gives educators the opportunity to adapt great lessons within their classroom. It makes me excited to see this new technology being taught where it can become part of learning for the students. I’ve been struggling for awhile with the schools in my district about adapting to all learning styles because my son is a hands-on learner, and by the teachers adding some of this amazing technology into the classroom he would soar!

I didn’t find this assignment particularly difficult, but I’m not aware of the educational vocabulary where I had to research some of that before getting started to make sure I knew what I was doing. This would be an assignment I would test out on a classroom because there are so many elements involved. An interactive spreadsheet to learn the material as an individual, collaborative work to enforce the material and then a double enforcer by each group presenting their findings. I think this style of assignment would be valuable to a high school Sociology classroom.

I really enjoy using Feedly and find it an asset in so many ways and for so many different venues.

RSS in Education Lesson Plan

Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

This assignment has helped me to understand the professional code of ethics we need to uphold for the value of our profession. We have a commitment to our students, as well as to society and our profession. The guidelines within these categories give us boundaries to ensure we are conducting ourselves for the sake of the educational system.

Reflecting on my research and my choice of topic, it is a struggle with the digital divide among lower income schools. The frustration is upheld by educators, students, and families not having the resources to provide technology that students are needing at home. This causes issues, and with what I’ve learned we are pushing the professional ethics with our expectations for student’s responsibility with their education.

All in all, having the opportunity to have a set of guidelines allows us to reflect on them to improve on the educational system for our students. We can see the boundary that is being pushed and help to resolve and strengthen the situation for all parties involved. I’m intrigued to learn about the educational system and how technology is playing a positive role in the education of our world. It’s bigger than anything imaginable, and it will be exciting to see the continued advancements as we progress farther with technology.

Tech Time


This blog is my voyage through the Educational Technology Master’s Program at Boise State University. As I create a path for my career and enrich my learning it will be shared for the world to see the beginnings of my journey within the realm of education.

RSS in Education

You can copy and paste directly to your post page, embed an Evernote or Google Doc or any number of ways to display your artifact. Include a reflection for each artifact, along with assigning the proper AECT Standard.

As you can see in this post, the AECT Standards, “3.1 Media Utilization” and “4.4 Information Management” have been assigned to this post.

You will want to include a discussion of how the AECT Standard aligns with your artifact, why it is important, and probably revisit this artifact later in the program to identify how the artifact connects practice to theory.

You will need to decide which artifacts to use for your final portfolio for the M.E.T. program. You can easily “hide” artifacts from view by changing their status from “published” to “draft.”  That way, you will always have the artifact in your website.



“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao-Tzu

Welcome to my Educational Technology Learning Log! I’m glad you’re interested in following this journey with me and to be a part of this learning process. There will be many amazing things to share and learn about over the course of this Master’s Program and I’m excited to share my adventures with you.

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