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4.1 Collaborative Practice

Candidates collaborate with their peers and subject matter experts to analyze learners, develop and design instruction, and evaluate its impact on learners.

Tech Trends – Blended Learning

In my presentation, I was showing the positive effects of blended learning. It’s important to understand that our world has gone digital and this technology our children are using everyday. As educators we have the opportunity to advance the creativity of our students and create the ability to teach to all learning styles within one classroom. The blended learning model allows us to do just that.

In my opinion, if we took technology and flooded our classrooms, it would over power the asset of having a teacher who gives the classroom setting the face to face reassurance children need to gain confidence within their education. I think blended learning gives children the best of both worlds and the concept is proving to be successful.

Tech Trends: Blended Learning


RSS in Education

This assignment gives educators the opportunity to adapt great lessons within their classroom. It makes me excited to see this new technology being taught where it can become part of learning for the students. I’ve been struggling for awhile with the schools in my district about adapting to all learning styles because my son is a hands-on learner, and by the teachers adding some of this amazing technology into the classroom he would soar!

I didn’t find this assignment particularly difficult, but I’m not aware of the educational vocabulary where I had to research some of that before getting started to make sure I knew what I was doing. This would be an assignment I would test out on a classroom because there are so many elements involved. An interactive spreadsheet to learn the material as an individual, collaborative work to enforce the material and then a double enforcer by each group presenting their findings. I think this style of assignment would be valuable to a high school Sociology classroom.

I really enjoy using Feedly and find it an asset in so many ways and for so many different venues.

RSS in Education Lesson Plan

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