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1.3 Assessing/Evaluating

Candidates demonstrate the ability to assess and evaluate the effective integration of appropriate technologies and instructional materials.

Annotated Bibliography

I have previously completed an annotated bibliography, but it wasn’t as detailed and I learned much more from the detailed information of the APA format. I have struggled with APA formatting since the beginning of my college career. I came back to college and when I left high school back in the 90’s APA, MLA it didn’t exist or at least it wasn’t taught!! Therefore after coming back to a university setting and completing my first paper, you can imagine my surprise to be told I didn’t use APA format. I was like, “what is that?”  I can say I have improved on my formatting skills, but there are times I just can’t wrap my head around the little things that just don’t make sense to me.

I found great information on my subject of blogging in the classroom and I’m definitely convinced that it is an asset to utilize in any subject classroom. If nothing else it helps the students be engaged and enthusiastic about learning!

Below is the link to my annotated bibliography!

Annotated Bibliography


Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

This assignment has helped me to understand the professional code of ethics we need to uphold for the value of our profession. We have a commitment to our students, as well as to society and our profession. The guidelines within these categories give us boundaries to ensure we are conducting ourselves for the sake of the educational system.

Reflecting on my research and my choice of topic, it is a struggle with the digital divide among lower income schools. The frustration is upheld by educators, students, and families not having the resources to provide technology that students are needing at home. This causes issues, and with what I’ve learned we are pushing the professional ethics with our expectations for student’s responsibility with their education.

All in all, having the opportunity to have a set of guidelines allows us to reflect on them to improve on the educational system for our students. We can see the boundary that is being pushed and help to resolve and strengthen the situation for all parties involved. I’m intrigued to learn about the educational system and how technology is playing a positive role in the education of our world. It’s bigger than anything imaginable, and it will be exciting to see the continued advancements as we progress farther with technology.

Tech Time

RSS in Education

You can copy and paste directly to your post page, embed an Evernote or Google Doc or any number of ways to display your artifact. Include a reflection for each artifact, along with assigning the proper AECT Standard.

As you can see in this post, the AECT Standards, “3.1 Media Utilization” and “4.4 Information Management” have been assigned to this post.

You will want to include a discussion of how the AECT Standard aligns with your artifact, why it is important, and probably revisit this artifact later in the program to identify how the artifact connects practice to theory.

You will need to decide which artifacts to use for your final portfolio for the M.E.T. program. You can easily “hide” artifacts from view by changing their status from “published” to “draft.”  That way, you will always have the artifact in your website.

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