IMG_5005“We don’t teach flowers to bloom; we ensure they have the best conditions in which to do so.” Dane Pasco
I’m looking forward to the next step towards immersing myself into the world of Education. I carry this passion which drives me to the ultimate goal of working within the field of education and utilizing my expertise to create a path for myself within my career. I’ve made the decision to step into the education field to be a part of something bigger, bigger than you or I, bigger than the world we wrap ourselves in, bigger than anything imaginable. The choice to discover new techniques, have the opportunity to employ my creativity and be apart of our future path for education is the scope of my focus. I left preschool teaching behind to enroll in Boise State University, it was to secure a higher education where I could expand my talents throughout our education system.
As my career unfolds, I envision creating more diverse classroom environments and I believe that technology being utilized in the classroom will allow for all learning styles to emerge. My son is a hands-on learner who entered seventh grade last year to struggle throughout the year. It was a battle to understand why he was struggling and that the fault wasn’t all on him. I created relationships with his teachers to be able to keep up with my son’s education, but to feel at a loss because he wasn’t learning effectively in a traditional classroom style. It made me realize that we can place the blame on our youth for not putting in the effort, although the question arises is it the students not putting in the effort or us, as educators, not conceding to the bigger picture. It’s my passion to see more diverse teaching styles within our schools; to enhance the confidence and higher learning from all students.
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In my free time, I love spending it with my husband and two beautiful children. I love being outdoors, biking, swimming and ultimately having fun with the ones I love.