The role of teachers and instructional designers differ in many ways when looking at the particular job description. Instructional designers create curriculum, as teachers do, but it goes much deeper than that. An instructional designer researches and analyzes the audience being taught, which can vary depending on environment, utilizes technology and tools to create a proper learning platform, problem solves, investigates the learners intake of information, evaluates the lesson and how well the learners picked up on the information. Many instructional designers teach their own curriculum, which allows for the opportunity of analyzation of the material and the learning environment. Instructional Designers work in many roles and environments that it takes critical thinking skills, problem solving, researching, writing, analyzing, evaluation, and continued improvement to fabricate a proper curriculum for each group of learners.

Teacher’s and designer’s jobs overlap because teachers have a guideline of subject matter that is expected to be taught within a school year. They write the lesson plans to teach that material and to work hard to make it creative, fun, and interesting to hold the attention of the students. This is where the job overlaps with instructional designers because teachers are writing curriculum to create a strong learning environment and properly enhance their student’s learning. The goal of a teacher and instructional designer is to write a curriculum that enhances the learning process and captures the interests of the students. Teachers have a guideline to follow on a particular subject matter and has the tools to be able to evaluate their job performance. In many ways these two job titles overlap, but the differing jobs hit a path where the job descriptions go in different directions.

I’m not a teacher or a designer at this point, but I can clearly see the relationship between these two careers. Both careers set out for a similar goal in mind. This goal is to create utilizing tools and technology to put together a curriculum or lesson plan that allows a student to think, imagine, and learn the material being taught. I’ve had years of teaching experience with preschoolers and I set out to research the different curriculums that were effective for this age group of children. I couldn’t find an exact curriculum that I thought to be particularly effective, so I chose to take the two best ones and intermix them together for the ultimate development for preschool age children. I essentially, wrote my own curriculum and it was successful to the learning experience of all my toddlers. I did this before I knew anything about instructional design jobs; I enjoyed creating, researching, writing, and teaching it’s just what I did naturally. I look back on it today, and see that as a teacher, you create and design to meet the learning needs of your students and as a instructional designer you create, design, analyze, research, evaluate, problem solve, and train to construct a strong learning experience.

Ads I viewed:

This job description was with HP and looking for an in-house instructional designer to implement design and curriculum for trainings. This particular job looks for an experienced designer who is a self starter in the career.

This job description is at St Als Hospital and is looking for an individual to design and implement trainings. This job description goes beyond the basic job of a designer where the individual will conduct their audits and deal with patient accounting.

This job description is at Boise State University and is a more entry level position. This position works in a team setting working on design projects and helps with the efforts of online teaching.