Ed Tech 501 is one of my first classes on my journey into the Master’s Program for Educational Technology and I had no idea what to expect. I’m pleasantly surprised with the amount I have learned over the past few weeks and this is just the beginning.

My greatest challenge in beginning this program is that I’m not currently a teacher and don’t have the educational platform of working in a classroom under my belt; to have the ability to apply what I’m learning in an educational environment. As I began this course a few weeks ago, I felt as the underdog in a virtual experience captivated by all the information from my fellow peers about their experiences as teachers. I’ve always been known to do things backwards, leaving me as the unusual one, but I enjoy rising above and achieving my goals. As I moved forward with my summer classes, I embraced myself as the underdog and began reading the work of my peers. I feel confident in my knowledge and education to be a successful student in this program and learning about the classroom experience from my fellow peers and my friends who work in the school setting. My other class I took this summer was a blogging class, Ed tech 537 and I was able to pull so much information about education off the microblogging sessions we had throughout class. This allowed me to apply what I had learned to my struggles with this class not having the teaching experience to fall back on and gain clear insight into all the work I put into this class.

I have two artifacts that I’m particularly fond of from this class that I’m excited to keep in my portfolio. One is my code of professional ethics in technology, which was my idea of “tech time” in a school day. I really put thought into this project and how it can be implemented. Recently, I have been reading blogs and articles on the lack of value to giving students homework and how the digital classroom looks homework free. I have to completely agree with much of the research stated on this topic and would like to see Idaho, where I reside move to this model of education. With this in mind, it moved me to go back and read my piece on tech time and reflect on how it would be useful to gain this time in a day for students and allow them to go home and be kids after they put in 7 hours of school work each day. I added a link below on a great article about having a homework free classroom below for anyone to review. This article was one of many that I read, but was most memorable and educational.

Alice Keeler – Homework

The other artifact I’m proud of is my creative image I made to introduce my thoughts on what Educational Technology means to me. I took the time to think about an image that represents the structure of Educational Technology and how the elements are formed and put together. I was happy with the outcome and the abstract presentation I came up with. The two artifacts gave me the ability to research and gain a stronger insight on the world of education and how it is changing today.

I feel like I’m walking away from this course with so much knowledge and new tools to continue through this program with. Since I’m not a teacher and can’t take this information right now back to a classroom, I’ve been sharing the information with my son who is in 8th grade to help him utilize some of the tools to be successful in school. My son enjoys reading blogs and watching youtube and I was able to set him up with a Feedly account to keep all his things he reads in one spot. I feel it encourages reading and research skills, which has kept his brain active over the summer. I’m also looking for internship opportunities to gain knowledge into the world of educational technologist where I can take what I’m learning in the classroom and see it in the work world.

I’m excited to continue in this program and this class has given me the opportunity to move forward with my career goals in Educational Technology.