Educational Technology is a supplemental part of education. It diversifies the learning environment and enhances the overall approach to learning in the classroom. My representation of this definition is to show that school is a system of parts that all work together to create a platform for children to learn on. I utilized the symbol of a tree to give a visual of how Educational Technology is defined. A tree has several parts and each part to a tree is essential to the trees growth and duty within our environment. Educational Technology functions in the same way and each functional part needs the other for proper growth and overall success.

I really enjoyed this project because it helped me to break down the definition and to really gain an understanding of what Educational Technology means and how it is an essential part to today’s education. It allowed me the opportunity to view what education would look like without the component of a digital classroom. This encourages me to continue educating myself within the field of educational technology where we can work to fully enhance the learning of our students and create a diverse learning environment to reach out to all styles of learning.

edtech 501 graphic