I really enjoyed this assignment and tried to get creative with the topic I chose. I’m not a school teacher, but I’m passionate about the field of education and intrigued by the development of the classroom over the past several centuries. In my slideshow, I created a view of the classroom setting when universal education first began to where we are now and I even added a little glance into the future of where many would like to see education go. I researched the 21st century classroom and looked at websites such as Psychology Today and Education Evolving, to gain perspective about what kind of changes have occurred and are those changes positive to our students. I’ve concluded that education is moving with the new technology of our world today. In the beginning, before universal education took place children were able to freely explore and play as their means for education. As time moved by, kids began working in the fields and factories where play became less and work became the means of education. The idea of educating kids in a classroom came about because the idea was that if we educated our children they would be more productive workers. Children going to school became their daily job and school was a teacher lecture based curriculum. Again, there wasn’t much time for play and if a student acted out there was serious consequences for those behaviors.

Through my research I see education moving back to focus on students and their needs to “play.” This is a positive advancement within our educational system because students need to explore and experience to be able to learn and retain. Adding technology into the classroom is giving students the opportunity to “play” and learn in a different way that is more innovative and productive to today’s student. It’s not just about advancing the classroom because we have the technology available; its about the student and having the ability to diversify the learning environment. We can center education around each students needs, which can give a successful education experience to all students. Educational Technology is a positive and novel idea to incorporate into our educational system to advance learning, create diversity, allow peer collaboration, and to allow children to “play” again.

Slideshow 21st Century Classroom