I have previously completed an annotated bibliography, but it wasn’t as detailed and I learned much more from the detailed information of the APA format. I have struggled with APA formatting since the beginning of my college career. I came back to college and when I left high school back in the 90’s APA, MLA it didn’t exist or at least it wasn’t taught!! Therefore after coming back to a university setting and completing my first paper, you can imagine my surprise to be told I didn’t use APA format. I was like, “what is that?”  I can say I have improved on my formatting skills, but there are times I just can’t wrap my head around the little things that just don’t make sense to me.

I found great information on my subject of blogging in the classroom and I’m definitely convinced that it is an asset to utilize in any subject classroom. If nothing else it helps the students be engaged and enthusiastic about learning!

Below is the link to my annotated bibliography!

Annotated Bibliography