I’ve never used haiku deck before, but I found it to be very simplified and nothing fancy. I think it helps you to organize your thought process and get the presentation right down to the point. This assignment helped me to understand the difference between the digital divide and digital inequality, and who is being affected. Technology is rapidly growing and there are so many people benefiting from its growth because they have the ability to access those benefits. I truly understand how the digital divide’s gap is closing with more ability to have access in many different locations, but it is increasing the digital inequality among our society. As time goes on, I see that the expectations for technology to be required of our students is going to be so high that the pressure to provide technology access at home will be highly needed to determine your child’s success in school. With this new understanding, as I grow into the field of education I will think about what’s going on outside the school walls to be able to create a curriculum that is ethically fair to reach for all students. If I had more time I would put more detailed information on this topic because there is so much excellent information to sift through and I find it interesting to learn about our societies growth with technology and how it is dividing our human race.

Digital Divide